Week 11 – My Leadership Day and then the Gloom

Leadership Day

I missed a couple of my reads on Monday and my ‘sit’!

I had good reason though it still felt wrong, like I was neglecting myself or something.

I’d had to get up really early to go to a Leadership Day for the business I am a partner with which was at least a five hour drive away. It was a long, long day with over ten hours driving in total and seven hours at the event, hence why I didn’t complete my reads. Fortunately I did manage to do my evening read.

It was a fantastic day though obviously a little tiring. All the news and updates were incredibly encouraging and made me rather excited for the future of my business as it is so aligned to my DMP and my income goals.

I got home late in the evening, tired but happy and excited to push forward with my business. I completed my reading and slept well.

And then the GLOOM hit!

It is amazing how quickly a persons demeanour can change though and for me it was the weather!

As I have got older I have become more prone to SAD or Seaonal Affective Disorder. It is sometimes known as winter depression because the symptoms are usually more apparent and more severe during the winter.

Many find it difficult to believe because generally I am known for my cheery, outgoing and positive nature but if there is a spell of turgid, grey, cold and dull days, I do get affected.

My positive mood and growth mindset quickly drained. All I needed was a little sunlight and I would be alright!

Tools to fight the GLOOM!

This time however, through what I have been learning from my Master Key Experience, I had some tools to fight the GLOOM.

I had the Seven Laws of the Mind!

… And I didn’t need all seven.

I used the Law of Substitution. Instead of thinking of the weather we were experiencing, I thought of the beautiful, hot, endless sunny days that we had during our phenomenal summer and smiled. There is no day without night, no smooth without rough… you get my gist.

I used the Law of Relaxation, I meditated a little, it helped a lot.

And I used the Law of Growth. Remembering that whatever we think about grows, whatever we forget atrophies. I thought about sunny days in France (it’s part of my DMP). I thought about my DMP in general and all the other fun, interesting and exciting things I have to do.

“When you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and you Think of Things, you find sometimes that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it.” Winnie The Pooh

Well I’m a Bear of Very Little Brain and it gets full easily and all the thinking of my DMP, my blueprint and of sunny days just filled my brain up and I quickly forgot about the gloom.

It’s still gloomy outside…

…but it isn’t gloomy inside :-)


2 thoughts on “Week 11 – My Leadership Day and then the Gloom”

  1. There’s no whining with Winnie, Rob, she (or is it he?) has you inside…metaphorically speaking, of course. LOL :-) This is a blog worth submitting for blog of the week, so I believe I will. It is a teensy bit late; perhaps, Davene is looking the other way; in other words, the compass instead of the clock. Rob, your story line is truly fine. If I wasn’t so dang honest, I might even say that it’s mine. :-)

  2. Hi Rob, I have only just read your week 11 blog, it is great and showing your vulnerability. Yes that was a tiring day at our Leaders event, but so worthwhile, as we said at the time, to hear so many of our leaders show their vulnerability, was very revealing and a much better way of being. regards, John
    PS. Definitely should be a featured blog, well done.

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