Week 12 – My 50 Minute ‘1 Sentence DMP’ Sit and the Power

With one thing and another going on in the lead up to the festive season, I was unable to find the time to complete my 50 minute sit until the Thursday. It had been a busy week and I hardly had the time to ‘waste’ staring at myself in the mirror I thought. But, believing in the process and making sure that I do everything as instructed, I made the time.

I sat in front of the mirror and looked at myself for a few moments before I started which was odd as the most I tend to do with a mirror is to take a cursory glance at myself to check that my hair does not look too ridiculous or that I don’t have food on my face!

I positioned my one sentence DMP in front of the mirror so I could read it whilst looking at myself and I started reading.

It felt odd, weird, unnatural….

…. and then it felt good….

…. and then it felt AMAZING!!!

I began to feel empowered, emboldened and all the other positive things beginning with em…

Don’t get me wrong , it still felt a little odd; listening to my voice, watching myself speak, noticing how much more expressive the left side of my face is compared to my right. But it felt properly good, it really did.

I was quite staggered at how, after an hour of reading the same sentence, how different I could make it sound and how still after so many repetitions, I could still mess up my lines and have to read my index card again. But even messing up my lines felt good.

I felt strong, I felt powerful, my one sentence DMP has been implanted and it feels good.

2 thoughts on “Week 12 – My 50 Minute ‘1 Sentence DMP’ Sit and the Power”

  1. it still feels odd to me when i listen to my own voice, or watch myself speak – but i’m glad you DID IT, regardless of the tight schedule or awkwardness. Thanks for sharing and keeping it REAL!

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