Week 9 – What Happened to my Visualisations?

So this journey we’re on really throws us curve balls from time to time!

Until now, I have been really delighted and proud of the successes I have found with my sits and my visualising…..

…..until this week.

I sat down on Monday for my sit in the same way that I have done in all previous weeks and NOTHING!

Seriously, NOTHING just completely blank. It really unnerved me. I persisted and on Tuesday…..


I continued on Wednesday focusing on a seed growing and BAM – there I was. I was the seed growing, developing roots, flowering. It was rather weird, I thought I’d taken something that maybe I shouldn’t have. The same happened on Thursday, I focused on the seed and the plant that grew was me.

Upon reflection though, it isn’t that ridiculous. Through this journey we are all growing, building our foundations, developing ourselves into the wonderful and beautiful people we know that we can be and deserve to be.

I had small panic about my sits but it seems that it was only a temporary blip and now I am back to enjoying them again and most days set aside thirty minutes to enjoy them more.

7 thoughts on “Week 9 – What Happened to my Visualisations?”

  1. Rob, this is amazing! As I see it, you just stayed in the empty space, kept doing your task and suddenly your subconscious mind created this beatutiful message to you. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Jan. I feel things are really happening so I am now redoubling my efforts and working it all even harder as I know my efforts will be rewarded.

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