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Week 17HJ – Giving Myself Permission and my Hero’s Journey

Giving Myself Permission

This was HUGE for me! I didn’t take it in at first but I always study the webcasts a second time and the second time I watched, it hit me like a brick. In the past I had never given myself permission, on the contrary both of my parents have always seemed to revel in misery and are never satisfied unless everybody around them knows about and shares their misery and is miserable themselves.

I was less affected by this when I was living further away and didn’t see them often but now I live nearer and I see them more and they’re both older and even more miserable and bitter than previous.

I am not of the same nature but they were inflicting their blueprints upon me and and I was letting them.

No longer – I give myself permission to be HAPPY and I am!

My Hero’s Journey

I am now embracing the future with courage and excitement. I have the courage to change, I am a HERO and I have already embarked upon my Hero’s Journey.

I have broken off the shackles of my old blueprint although it still tries to force itself upon me from time to time. I know that I shall face further challenges and temptations before I make my transformation. But I have the power and determination to push through the challenges.

I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle and I have unlimited potential. I am giving so much more and I have so much to give. I am realising just how much I have to be grateful for and I now able to express my gratitude, which is something I have previously struggled with.

I am answering the call!

I always keep my promises :-)

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  1. Rob, congratulations for being aware of your programming, and making a conscious choice about who you are and your future self, without blame or bitterness!

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