Week 1 – My Journey Master Key Experience Begins

So, I have been accepted on to the Master Key Experience 2018 and I am so excited to be starting this journey. It was almost by chance that came across it to be honest, but I am so glad I did. I was actually trying to avoid doing some work and was trawling through masses of emails which I do not often do when I read about it and it really caught my attention.

Why? Firstly, my interest was piqued as I have often heard about the Master Key System and it’s  power. Upon watching the launch videos, I was taken by the whole idea, the pay-it-forward system, the coaching, the whole team and for me the timing could not have been better.

I have always been somewhat of a self development junkie. However, in recent years I have had a catalogue of health challenges which, as much as I tried to fight it, it wore me down. Having had and recovered from some major surgery, I am now back and working hard to catch up, clear my debts and drive forward with my life. And the prospect of being a part of the Master Key Experience right now was just awesome!

Since watching the first webcast, I have been buzzing with excitement, I have followed all the steps required and quite honestly feel that changes are already starting to happen.

My biggest challenge so far has been to write the DMP. When I looked at what I had to do, I thought it might take me about an hour tops. Several hours later, I managed to get one that I am sort of satisfied with though I am sure it will need some revisions. Initially, I thought I would be struggling to stretch it to 400 words but when I got going, it was a real struggle to trim it to 400 words.

My reading of the Master Keys and the first scroll have resonated so much with me. There are statements that I had previously come to think for myself to be “the way”, so I was blown away to see that this was all part of the Master Key!

I am so determined to get as much as I can from this process and now cannot wait for the next week and my next stage of learning.

Thank you so much team for enabling to take the first steps to really transforming my life.

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  1. Hi, Rob! Your Blog Rover friend, Loren, here. It appears that you already have some experience in the blogging arena, and have applied it to good effect in describing your Week One experiences. When you are excited, I’m excited; so, looking forward to reading more! :-)

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