Week 8 – Breakthrough and Feeling Proud


During Weeks 6 & 7, I hit a period of overwhelm. My workload spiked which threw me and I fell a little behind though I managed to persevere and continue with my reading and sits. I also struggled with my first effort at my 7 Day Mental Diet having been thrown a barrage of negative stuff from those supposedly closest to me. (Both parents – divorced, miserable, angry and lonely and continually throwing their anger and misery at me!)

Previously, I would probably have ‘caved in’ at this point as this has for all of my adult life been a cycle, whereas this time had a shield!

I determined not to allow this to keep happening, to catch up with everything and to never let them knock me off course ever again.


This has been a breakthrough, no, a massive breakthrough!

I have now caught up, I am on track though want to work more on my movie poster, Press Release and add more emotion and feeling to my DMP through today and the weekend.

I restarted my 7 Day Mental Diet on Monday and it has gone well this week. I even threw in a challenge for myself and visited both parents (one immediately after the other) prior to a business meeting and their barbs of negativity just bounced off me.


An Additional Breakthrough

As well as my reading and sits, I have continued with my ‘DO IT NOW!’ and ‘I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE’ affirmations. To be honest, it felt a little weird to start with but now it is second nature.

However, I have also started to notice that I am silently chanting other phrases from the Master Key and Greatest Salesman scrolls  while working without consciously telling myself to.

Something is so obviously changing and it is so EXCITING!

5 thoughts on “Week 8 – Breakthrough and Feeling Proud”

  1. Yes we are on track! Change is soooooo good. I’ve had to restart my mental diet too, it is helping me to be mindful of my thoughts.

    1. Me too Jacqueline. I was doing so well again with my 7 Day Mental diet and then my central heating boiler broke down and it’s just turned cold. I guess I’m going to be starting it again!

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