Week 7 – Overwhelm and the Realisation That I Am Surrounded By Negative People

The highs and lows of our Master Key journey are quite remarkable. Even so early in the process, I have noticed many positive changes, but this week has certainly been the most challenging by some stretch.


So far, I have easily found the time to work on myself but last week I became inundated with work which needed to be done and this has continued in to this week. Ultimately, I started to feel rather overwhelmed by what I needed to get done. I have managed to continue with my reading, affirmations and sits but I was slipping with ‘the big stuff’ which was starting to make me stressed. My Press Release needs completing, I still have to work on my shapes and I haven’t even started on my movie poster. Fortunately, my workload has now tailed off and I am dedicating whatever time I need to get on top of everything over the next couple of days.

My 7 Day Mental Diet

To top everything off this week, after starting my 7 Day Mental Diet, I have come to the realisation that I am absolutely surrounded by negative people who seem to revel throwing all their negativity my way! The odd thing is, that by nature I am a very positive person and I actually thought that it would be an exercise that I would fly through. How wrong could I be!

My first challenge was my mother-in-law who never seems to be satisfied unless she is creating havoc for other people and throwing negative barbs at anybody and everybody. My shield was strong however her negativity bounced off me, I was feeling strong. Another good day followed, but then the crushing blow! I received a call from my old and inherently grumpy father to tell me that he had fallen over and been unable to get up and needed to call the paramedics. My father is slightly different to mother-in-law in that he is just plain grumpy and miserable and he needs to share with everybody in his vicinity just how grumpy and miserable he is. My shield still worked, though slightly battered. The following day, I received a call from my old and rather miserable mother who on occasion might surprise me by trying to be a little cheerful but this time I was not so lucky. She was ringing me to tell me that her life might as well be over as her arthritis was now in both knees and her hip and that nobody cares about her. I could go on about my strange family dynamic but I am sure you get my gist. The long and the short was that my shield failed. I could have dealt with one onslaught, I could have coped with two but all three in one week, that was just too much for anybody to deal with and the negativity got through!

Upon reflection, I realised that the people you would think should be the most supportive in my life are actually the most destructive. Actually, this is something I have known for a long, long time. However, of all the other people I come across in my day to day life, so many are just so negative. It’s no wonder that I try to avoid so many of them.

My resolve continues though undaunted. I have for a long time tried to draw myself closer to positive, constructive people and to distance myself from the negative, destructive people but the inevitabilities of life are such that you do come across them from time to time. A have started my 7 day mental diet again and resolve to complete it. I am however really challenging myself as I am visiting my father on Wednesday and then going to visit my mother immediately afterwards.

Wish me luck!!!

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