Week 4 – My PPN’s Are Resonating With Me

Having chosen to change my PPN’s and rewritten my DMP accordingly, it has certainly started to resonate with me in the right way. I think it was so well put my a lovely lady in our “tribe” who said something along the lines she was so used to doing and acting in the way other people expect or believe her to act and do and not previously really considering what she really wants for herself that my experiences echoed. Now, I am sure now that my PPN’s are the most relevant to me and not based on other peoples perceptions or conditioning of me.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my first PPN leapt out at me but the second, not so. But now, True Health feels right.


In my youth, I was always very sporty. I was always playing rugby, swimming, playing badminton and tennis, cycling and hiking. Not a day went by when I wasn’t exercising. I was very fit and healthy. When I moved to London from my childhood home in Devon, I did not do much exercise for a good couple of years but it just didn’t sit well with me, so I got back into my regular exercise and doing much as I had previously done in my youth and got incredibly fit once again.

Throughout the rest of my twenties and into my thirties I continued¬† to maintain a high level of fitness. But then I had ten “horrible” years health-wise. Fortunately, things are all good now and I am absolutely focused on regaining my excellent levels of health and fitness making the PPN of True Health a perfect fit for me right now.



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