Week 3 – Revisiting My PPN’s

My MKE journey is continuing and I am genuinely enjoying the process and the challenge. And it can be quite a challenge! (But not in a bad way.)  Addressing things about yourself is actually really refreshing.

What I have found this week.

After watching the webcast (twice) I had the realisation that my choice of PPN’s might not be correct. Initially, one PPN leapt out at me and that was Liberty. The second however was somewhat more difficult to select.

Initially, I chose Helping Others. This was due to the fact that I have always been known for being a helpful sort of person. However, is that MY Personal Pivotal Need? Or is it other people’s perception of me? I concluded that it is actually other people’s perception. It’s not that I do not want to help people! It’s just that, that is what I do as (I believe) I am a kind and helpful person and I have always and will always help people if I possibly can. It’s not a PPN, it’s just what I do.

So , my next second PPN choice was Autonomy. However, upon reflection, I considered to be rather too close to Liberty and due to the way I already lead my life I tend to live my life in a way that I choose already just with some restrictions currently.

I considered the other PPN’s.

Legacy does not jump out to me. My step-children who I love dearly will already receive a legacy from me, but more importantly, I think that the way in which I have brought them up has given them both many of the tools they need to get whatever they desire anyway.

Spiritual Growth I just don’t get! My view is that we are all growing spiritually regardless. Our growth is part of our journey.

For me, I feel that Recognition for Creative Expression demands more ego than I have or will ever have.

True Health however, resonates with me enormously and that is my final second choice. In my youth, I was always very healthy. Sport and exercise and good diet was always important to me. While I was playing rugby, tennis and badminton competitively as well as swimming and going to the gym and maintaining a healthy diet, other were drinking, smoking and eating junk food. Of course, I could be quite reckless on occasion (or even rather often), but my underlying lifestyle has always been based around True Health.

Throughout my adult life this has still been the case though unfortunately throughout my forties, I experienced a catalogue of health challenges which were quite serious. Initially, they were physical but the affect of them had an effect on my mental health, causing anxiety and depression. Fortunately, after some pretty major surgery and recuperation, things are all good now and actually for a man of my age I would be considered to be very fit and healthy.

The underlying fact though is that True Health has always been and will always be a PPN and I now feel very comfortable with my PPN’s.





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