Week 2 – My MKE Journey Continues and my PPN’s

So, my MKE journey is continuing well and I have to say that I am actually really enjoying the experience although certain aspects are challenging in some respects.

What am I really enjoying?

I guess the whole process in general. Being part of a group of like minded individuals encourages me to keep going. Plugging in to the Marco Polo app and being part of our ‘tribe’ and following and engaging I have found to be really useful.

Sunday nights webcast was awesome! Understanding the importance and the power of the DMP has been key for me. What blew me away somewhat was finding out about our PPN’s. The exercise in using our non-dominant hand first reminded me of my university days where I often had to write with my non-dominant (right) hand after left shoulder injuries. I looked back on my university notes recently and found so much of it pretty illegible and in French which I hardly read, write or speak any more.

Actually, realising that my PPN’s are different than what I initially thought was pretty mind blowing which then challenged me to really review my DMP. Again, it took me far longer than I thought it would but the process has been rather exhilarating.

The repetition of the reading exercises has been less challenging than I anticipated as well and I think I now get why it is so important.

Any Struggles?

I have had no real struggles to speak of. Even my sits have been pretty easy for me. Well, actually, that’s not entirely true. I had been setting a timer for 16 minutes to allow me a minute to settle and then have 15 minutes to focus. I had managed that really easily since the beginning so I thought I would challenge myself and extend it to 30 minutes. When I tried that I failed miserably and lasted less than ten minutes! I think it must have been too big a leap, so I went back to my initial time and I am extending it by a minute a day to make it more manageable.


Moving Forward

The speed reading really interested me and I am really looking forward to putting what we learnt into practice. I was surprised how much I was actually nearly or occasionally doing already, so I do not think it will be a massive challenge for me to tweak things and improve my reading speed.

I cannot wait for our next instalment on Sunday. This sure beats waiting for any TV series!

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