Week 15 – Getting Back on Track and the Wonder of Franklin’s Makeover with the Master Key Experience Twist

Getting Back on Track

Railroad track

I have to say how glad I am to be getting back on track after all the Christmas shenanigans. As lovely as Christmas is, it often seems to come just when you don’t really need it. (It would be great to be able to choose just when Christmas best suits.)

As hard as I tried not to, the Christmas break caused me to miss a few reads and sits which I was a little guilty and unhappy about, predominantly because I felt I was letting myself down. But then again, I only missed a couple and I have always been a little too harsh on myself.

Anyhow, we’ve moved on now and what a way to move on!

Wonder of Franklin’s Makeover

Benjamin Franklin

How fantastic is Franklin’s Makeover? And what a great way to kickstart the new year! There are so many weeks coming up that I am excited about and Kindness week is just going to be excellent.

I just love how the Master Key Experience has been put together for us all. It is such an exciting journey!

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  1. lorentaylor says:

    Tic, tack, Rob’s right on track! :-)

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