Week 10 – First Trimester Complete and Redoubling My Efforts

So I’m a third of the way through this marvellous journey. It has been challenging at times and just so fulfilling.

I really can’t express how thankful I am to have bothered to have watched the first video and gained a little intrigue and then to have taken the plunge to embark on a 6 month journey to transform myself.

Losing the old blueprint, discarding all the old hangups, recreating a blueprint and living a life of my own choosing rather than one that had previously been dictated to me is so exciting and enriching.

Comparing myself to the previous ‘me’ at the start of the journey, I see so many changes though they would appear imperceptible on a week to week basis. And we’re just a third of the way through!

What am I going to be like at the end?

As I have seen so much change in myself for the better, I am redoubling my efforts to get the most out of this journey that I possibly can. I am completing all the exercises and ‘sits’ without exception. Though the 7 Day Mental Diet and my not having opinions have both been a serious challenge, I am making serious improvements at the same time, which is just brilliant.

I have started masterminding with my friend John who joined the MKMMA journey independently from me and unbeknown to me until we saw each others names on the blog roll. This is already starting to pay dividends as I think we are both starting to make headway towards our DMP’s.

I could not recommend this program highly enough and have every intention of completing it again next year. I will be unrecognisable from my previous self, bu then again, I really needed to be.


5 thoughts on “Week 10 – First Trimester Complete and Redoubling My Efforts”

  1. Rob!
    I just read yours too ☺️ Thanks for the inspiration. I feel different too! And, still not caught up. As you said, the DMP….the mental diet. Thats the crazy one. Ive never needed it before. But it seems in this churning point, its been harder than anything else. Omg
    Cheers!!! And thanks for relating,

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